Welcome to the Language Development Lab!

We are a group of linguists interested in issues of learning and learnability specifically within the area of phonology. Our projects mainly employ behavioral experiments with human subjects of all ages (from infants to adults) and computational models of learning. Using formal, experimental, and computational approaches, we hope to better understand the learning mechanisms relevant for acquiring the first and other languages.

During our weekly lab meetings we discuss the state-of-the-art literature on phonological learning. These discussions guide our current and future research projects. 



September 2019

Nine undergraduate students have joined our lab to help us with three lab projects! Welcome! 

April 2019

All 11 undergraduate students have successfully completed their capstone project! See photos

March 2019

This recently published article on Hakka in mainland China involves two of our lab members!

January 2019

This semester 11 undergraduate students joined our lab and are involved in the projects we are currently running. 

December 2018

Arthur Lewis Thomspon has published his paper on tones and iconicity in PLoS ONE and our paper on processing multimorphemic words has been published in Cognition (see Publications)!

November 2018

We organized a public workshop on “Seeing speech: ultrasound imaging in Linguistics” led by Jon Havenhill.